NYE 2017

Have you ever had a New Years Eve that seemed better than all the rest? Have you ever gone into New Years Eve with fear about it sucking and not living up to the hype? I've had both, I understand both sides of that coin. 

Maybe this New Years was fantastic for you or maybe it was a clusterfuck of annoying  people and uncomfortable surroundings, maybe you spent it with the President of Ecuador on a private yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I know one thing for sure, there were a multitude of scared dogs in Latin America. Fireworks galore. 

I hope your NYE was pleasant and enjoyable and if it wasn't I'm sure there's one in the future for you, actually, I take that back, I'm not sure of that at all. But it would be nice if the next one was better, but in all reality, there may not even be a next one - Jesus could come back for the rapture and you might get sent to hell, or you could get hit by a truck and killed or disabled. Then again, if I was wagering on it, I would put at least twenty dollars on there being a 2018. 

We're already about a week into 2017 and I have never been so excited for an upcoming year, 17 is my favorite number, it happens to be my wife favorite number too. So that on it's own already starts us out on a good note. You know what makes it different, I have so much I want to do, so many projects to work on, so much I want to accomplish.

I think that's a key to happiness... having a list of things to accomplish, a list of things to study, to do, to learn, to fascinate you, to light that invisible soul of yours on fire, things to make you want to get out of bed in the morning - to keep you interested, growing and evolving.  Stagnant water makes mosquitoes carry Dengue fever and nobody wants that, shitting and sweating and vomiting all the day - so don't be stagnant. 

All the best with that,

Love from Mal Pais, Costa Rica,

Friday, January 6, 12:30 AM